Welcome to County Preservation. We are specialists in property care and we provide treatments for dry and wet rot, rising damp, timber, condensation control and damp proofing, covering an area that includes Worcestershire.

Problems such as rising or penetrating damp, fungal growth and woodworm can cause significant damage to property – potentially affecting the structural integrity and fabric of the building. Finding a knowledgeable building care specialist to deal effectively with these issues could avoid a much bigger problem and escalating costs in the long-term.

Why Choose County Preservation?

  • We are an established firm with Property Care Association membership, and we only employ trained and qualified technicians to work on your home.
  • At County Preservation we know that finding and fixing problems such as rot, infestation and damp is the only guarantee of your property’s condition.
  • We only use CSRT surveyors and our work is guaranteed, or available covered by insurance backed guarantee for your peace of mind.

Trusted for damp proofing and timber treatments in your area.

The risks that come with incomplete or inappropriate treatment are not worth it – make sure your property care company is 100% professional and reputable. At County Preservation you can be certain of our credentials, and our testimonials speak volumes for the quality of our work.

Our Services

If you have a problem with damp proofing and woodworm in Worcestershire, get in touch with County Preservation today.

With County every client can expect the same level of care, and all jobs are carried out by our fully qualified team – we deliver consistently high levels of work that you can rely on to eliminate your rot, damp or woodworm problem.

To find out more about how we can help with effective, professionally delivered services, get in touch today for more information.