Damp can be a huge problem for any property, as moisture causes damage to plaster and interior decoration, and decay in timber. County Preservation provide a fully qualified and experienced response, with diagnosis and damp proofing in Worcestershire and further afield.

Make Sure Your Damp Is Treated By A Specialist

As with many property care issues, it is vital for the safety of your home that damp is dealt with by a qualified person:

  • County Preservation damp surveys are carried out by CSRT surveyors for an accurate diagnosis.
  • All work can be covered by insurance backed guarantee – your guarantee of the quality of our work.

How Does Damp Enter Your Property?

  • Rising damp: moisture from the ground that enters the walls of the building through capillary action. Additional damage may be caused through salts carried in the water that are left behind, and may cause continuing problems with internal humidity.

This is a common, but frequently misdiagnosed problem that can be treated with a chemical damp course, and specialist plastering where needed.

County Preservation can provide skilled and trained technicians for damp proofing and specialist plastering. Our surveyors CSRT qualifications ensure proper diagnosis and we will only specify a damp course when 100% necessary.

  • Penetrating damp: water entering the building through defects, such as cracked render, defective pointing, ineffective or broken guttering and drainage, or where external ground levels are above internal levels (e.g. basements and cellars).

Treatment usually involves dealing with external maintenance issues, and a new generation of water repellents that are effective at keeping walls dry while keeping permeability to allow evaporation.

Why Choose County

Damp is a very common problem with housing stock and property of all kinds, yet it can easily be misdiagnosed and an inappropriate treatment won’t solve the problem.

Avoid costly and inconvenient damage to your home and belongings by using an approved member company of the Property Care Association (PCA) company, with CSRT surveyors and work carried out by fully qualified technicians.

We are here with damp proofing solutions for Worcestershire.