Flood Protection

At County Preservation we are specialists in helping property owners limit the damaging effects of flood events in their area.

With so many homes in the UK at risk of flooding, it’s time to be pro-active about flood defence on an individual scale, and that is the aim of the government sponsored Repair and Renew grant.

We are here to provide an expert level of flood protection with flood mitigation services – providing product supply, installation and advice for resilient property level protection.

Defending against flood water

County Preservation is a BPEC accredited organisation, certified to survey and install the Flood Angel® range of products.


County Preservation’s experienced team of trained surveyors are able to carry out full flood risk assessments on every property or project that we undertake.  Trained and capable of engaging with all customer types – civil engineers, public sector, borough engineers, domestic and commercial clients, our surveys are carried out to the highest of standards.

Our rigorous survey process and survey report ensures that all visible points of water ingress into a property are identified and a complete range of flood protection measures are recommended.  We will also highlight areas where remedial work might need to be carried out to assist in the effective implementation of flood resistant measures.


On acceptance of our survey recommendations, a detailed quotation will be issued and a programme of works developed for installation.

At County Preservation we can assess your property and recommend effective BSI Kitemarked flood mitigation measures, including:

  • Door defence – removable barriers that can be fitted to virtually any type or size of door opening
  • Anti-flood for brick walls – specially designed airbricks and airbrick covers, and protective coatings for brickwork are available
  • Waste pipe defence – to stop water rising through waste pipes and the toilet.

These are all simple, unobtrusive ways to stop flood water crossing the threshold into your property. Installation is a straightforward process and with County Preservation you get an experienced service, dedicated to making sure you are prepared for the worst.

Increase flood resilience with the Repair and Renew Grant

If you were affected by the winter flooding of 2013/14 you could be eligible for a government grant of up to £5,000. This money is intended to assist householders and businesses better defend their property in the event of future flooding.

Deadlines for applications have been extended but are near, so act now and contact your local authority for details: further information about all aspects of the grant is available on the website.

Flood Recovery

County Preservation are specialists in dealing with the effects of moisture on buildings, and are also here to make sure you get the right help with flood recovery.

We provide services in buildings preservation, including damp proofing, and we operate in Worcestershire and further afield.

Get The Right Help For Your Home

If you’ve been flooded, getting the right treatment for your home or property is crucial to returning it to a habitable condition and preventing any long term problems.

Don’t rely on a general builder as most won’t fully understand the effects of dampness on a building.

Because we are specialists in the repair of buildings that have been effected by water ingress, we can:

  • Provide assistance in the recovery and drying stage to reduce the risk of rot or other problems and ensure the best outcome for your building,
  • Devise and carry out repair and reinstatement solutions that are designed to reduce the risk of issues developing in the future,
  • Use methods that can allow reoccupation before the fabric of the building is completely dry. We achieve this with the use of special products and techniques.
  • Carry out work with innovating materials and techniques, developed for use in underground waterproofing, which will build in increased resilience to the effects of flooding in the future.

All our work is carried out by our professional team and recognised by the PCA (Property Care Association).