At County Preservation we are specialists in eliminating damp of all kinds – we deal with rising or penetrating damp, and condensation. These are important skills when it comes to helping home and business owners turn their basement into habitable space – check out our sister company County Basements for further information.

Why convert your basement? Here are just 5 reasons you should:

  1. If you have a basement or cellar space under your house then you are lucky! This is a potential asset and with a bit of work you can add another room to your property – without losing any outside space. So many homeowners choose to ignore their cold, damp cellar, or risk using it for storage, when it could be adding value and space, with no structural work needed.
  2. No added paperwork. Because you aren’t adding to your house, just changing an existing space, you won’t need to go through the same planning permission process as for an extension –making everything more straight-forward.
  3. Attractive adaptable space. Your basement room could be anything you need: extra living space, games room, bedroom, laundry room, home gym, additional bathroom – the possibilities are endless.
  4. Once the essentials such as tanking, damp proofing, and access have been sorted out, you can build in features such as plumbing for a sink, bathroom, or washing machine; basement windows or lightwells to add much needed daylight; even an external door! Providing your conversion with its own entrance can expand the possibilities and even give you a self-contained living space for older relatives, grown-up children, or even a lodger.
  5. Finding a basement specialist to carry out your conversion isn’t hard: our sister company County Basements can carry out your basement conversion, and cover a wide area that includes Worcestershire.