Timber treatments are part of the process of dealing with damp proofing or woodworm. All our treatments are available for properties in the Worcestershire and areas.

What do timber treatments do?

Different treatments can give your timber a range of protective properties, or eradicate an infestation:

Dry rot and wet rot: where timber has been affected by the fungal infestation of dry or wet rot, damaged timber must first be removed. Once this has been carried out and the source of moisture stopped, wet rot has been treated. Further steps may be needed for treating the spread of fungus in dry rot, with these applied to replacement materials, such as timber.

Woodworm: this does not always require treatment as some infestations are old and inactive, but where needed wood can be treated with a home friendly chemical treatment, so that normal life can resume quickly after application.

Do you have a problem that needs specialist attention?

All our treatments are undertaken with care and skill by qualified and experienced technicians. We are able to ascertain the exact nature of any damp or infestation problems and identify the correct remedy.

Our work is covered by insurance backed guarantee, so you can be certain of the quality of our completed work.

Most timber problems begin with an external source that acts on the integrity of the wood. To properly protect the floorboards, joists and fixtures in your property the source of the problem must be identified, by a CSRT surveyor if necessary, and shored up as soon as possible.

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