Do you suspect your property is affected by dry rot? Act quickly to prevent further damage – County Preservation are local specialists in the building and timber treatments that can protect your home.

Our services include eliminating dry or wet rot, dealing with woodworm and damp proofing, all in your area: Worcestershire.

What Causes Dry Rot?

Dry and wet rot are both fungus infestations that like to grow in conditions where timber has been damp for a prolonged period of time.

The dry rot organism (Serpula lacrymans) is able to grow beyond the original source of moisture, spreading to the plaster of damp walls, into mortar joints and behind plaster, and potentially throughout the structure of the building.

Getting fast effective treatment for dry rot

  • Because this serious problem is often misdiagnosed, it is important to get a specialist to survey your property.
  • Our surveyors are fully qualified and hold CSRT accreditation.
  • Ensuring the fungus is completely eradicated is an invasive process that involves removing affected timber and plaster, treating the area, and replacing compromised wood and plaster board with specially treated materials.
  • The sooner you notice a problem and call County Preservation, the better, so be aware and look out for: a sudden musty damp smell, cracking timber or woodwork, and growths including a mushroom like appearance, fluffy mycelium with brittle strands, or orange spores that resemble brick dust.
  • Our dry rot work is covered by insurance backed guarantee, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your problem is 100% gone.

Local Experts In Rot

At County Preservations we know we offer professional advice, and that all our treatments are the best on offer, 100% appropriate and delivered by qualified technicians. Our reputation is built on our hard work and reliability locally, and we value our customers’ opinion of us and our work.

That’s why property owners come to us for damp proofing, rot treatment or woodworm elimination, in Worcestershire.