At County Preservation we have developed a range of services and treatments to keep your property in excellent condition. We have earned an excellent reputation for work including wet rot treatment, woodworm eradication and damp proofing in Worcestershire and beyond.

What Is Wet Rot?

  • Wet rot is a fungal infestation, which occurs in timber that has been allowed to get damp.
  • The fungus commonly responsible is Coniophora puteana and Poria vaillantii.
  • In wet rot the destructive fungus is confined to the damp area and is unlikely to spread to masonry and walls.

County Preservation provide CSRT diagnosis and treatment.

This common problem can cause structural damage to your home and is frequently misdiagnosed. At County Preservation all our surveys are carried out by CSRT surveyors to make sure we identify the problem correctly, find the source of the fungal growth, and can present the most effective treatment.

Eradicating wet rot means removing affected timber and replacing where necessary. This self-limiting infestation does not usually need any wider treatment, and as long as the source of moisture entering the timber is found and repaired, it should not reoccur.

Trusted Property Care Specialist

As with many conditions that can compromise the structural integrity of your home, it is vital that a qualified technician is found to diagnose and treat wet rot.

County Preservation are Property Care Association members and all our surveyors are CSRT qualified, meaning they are a Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment.

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If you suspect you have a problem with wet rot, dry rot or even woodworm, get in touch with the company trusted by homeowners in Worcestershire and locally today.

Between us our years of experience mean we know the problems that can cause homeowners, landlords and businesses enormous damage, and along with our expertise and dedication, we can provide the solution.