Do you worry you might have a woodworm infestation and need help in Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Malvern, Kidderminster, or locally?

Country preservation are local experts in treating problems such as insect or fungal infestations that can threaten the structural integrity of your property, and we are here to assess the problem and if necessary, to treat your home for woodworm.

Types Of Beetle Infestation

The damage is done by the larval stage of the wood boring beetle, which then bores its way to the surface as an adult. There are several common types of beetle that can be a problem in the UK:

  • The common furniture boring beetle is the most frequently found, and left unchecked this insect can cause structural weakening and collapse.
  • Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum)
  • Powder Post Beetle (Lyctus brunneus)
  • Wood boring weevils

Fully Qualified And Insurance Backed Treatment

At County Preservation our reputation rests on the quality of our work and that’s why all our treatments and services are carried out by fully professional technicians and surveyors.

If you think you are affected by a wood boring beetle our CSRT approved surveyor will undertake an inspection to determine the type of beetle, and the correct treatment, if needed. Signs of beetle activity may be old and from an infestation that is no longer active.

Timber may need to be replaced, and replacement materials treated to repel any further infestation. Timber in the area of the problem can also be treated to prevent the insect from spreading further.

Our work is available with insurance backed guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

For more information get in touch with us: we will be happy to help with your enquiry. We are proud to deliver services you can depend on for woodworm and damp proofing in Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Malvern and Kidderminster.